Understanding Life From The Artist’s Lane

A lot of artists are freelance (meaning they get approached by people and are paid to draw art for certain projects) or simple hobbyists (they make art and put it online but they don’t get paid at all). The work is hard, meeting client standards and most times, they don’t understand how graphics design works.

Here’s some nice graphics of dumb stuff clients have said to their designers!

Very, very few people can live being a graphic designer. Usually, they’re supported by other people, like a spouse or family, or work more than one job to cover the costs of their basic needs. Art as a profession is a practice of balancing rent, food, bills, a social life and work with art. Quite often, people have to put their passion aside for themselves.

Vivian Ng, comic artist and illustrator, mentions in her tweet that getting into paid comics work and zines is “99% luck and 1% never stop drawing+posting”.

So most artists will tell you not to get into art as a career. Not because it’s competition, but because it’s not for the majority of artists and that it’s a tougher job than any other career. Please, save yourself.

And just because these are really funny, here’s some more dumb things clients say to their designers!



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