5 Tips On What To Do With Art You Like

The internet’s a great place for sharing art, but saving online artworks and posting them somewhere else without saying who created it can really hurt your favourite artists!

Here’s some tips on how you can share art that you like:

  1. Show your love!

A lot of online art sites have the ‘Like’, ‘Bookmark’ or ‘Favourite’ option. Even if you’re not an artist yourself, you can help both the site and the artist by signing up for an account and liking the art. Plus there’s the added benefit of having more site accessibility as a member!

2. Stay tuned for more!

Like ‘Likes’, you can ‘Follow’ or ‘Watch’ the artist! It shows support for the creator and encourages them to create even more content. Nothing feels worse for an artist when their hard work isn’t noticed.

3. Tell the artist that you liked it!

It’s the internet so there’s no need to feel shy when talking to artists that you admire. Leave comments on the art saying ‘I really like this because ______’ or ‘This looks really cool because _______’ and I can guarantee you, the creator will be tickled pink. Not only are you giving the art recognition, but you’re also letting the artist know that you really, really like their hard work.

4. Share within the site!

This changes for each website, but a good website will make it obvious for you. You can share peoples’ art on your own accounts by bookmarking, reblogging or adding the work to a favourites album. It lets people who follow you see your favourite artist’s work without stealing from them and taking away from their hard work!

5. Tell other people about it!

Everyone likes being shown things that other people think they’d enjoy. You can send your friends the URL of the art that you like so they can see it too. This is a great way to help spread your favourite artworks around without taking away from the original artist!



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